fall is here

Well, almost. It’s still pretty warm here and the leaves have just started to turn colors. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take the dudes out for some pre-fall photos, right? It was time for some nice new photos that can go up on the wall 🙂 And, as you can probably tell, they were more concerned with giggling and having fun with each other 🙂

Anika Alonzo-1
Anika Alonzo-2
Anika Alonzo-3
Anika Alonzo-4
Anika Alonzo-5
Anika Alonzo-6
Anika Alonzo-7
Anika Alonzo-8
Anika Alonzo-9


Lovebugs | one year later

I met Cara and Nathan at the dog park. Our dogs have crazy girl crushes on each other, so we started to hang out more, so, you know, the dogs can go all crazy together. And now, we like each other too 😉 I’ve actually been waiting for them to ask about a session since I saw them the first time. Beards are just so incredibly cool in photos! And then they did! They wanted to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with some ‘one year later’ photos. These two are definitely still right in the middle of their honeymoon phase and are not afraid to show it 🙂 And as if it couldn’t get any better, Cara totally let her nerd flag fly 🙂

Cara and Nathan, thank you for letting me capture this moment in your life. I hope you stay crazy in love forever, always have fun together and that you enjoy the moments we froze in time for you 🙂


Anika Alonzo-1 Anika Alonzo-3 Anika Alonzo-6 Anika Alonzo-15 Anika Alonzo-17 Anika Alonzo-18 Anika Alonzo-19 Anika Alonzo-21 Anika Alonzo-22 Anika Alonzo-23 Anika Alonzo-24 Anika Alonzo-25 Anika Alonzo-26 Anika Alonzo-27 Anika Alonzo-28 Anika Alonzo-30

Living in the moment | June 2013

People, I have summer break brain! I almost forgot today was posting day! I feel bad. I’m probably a whole 25 minutes late, but I’m doing it!

There’s not much to tell you, it’s insanely hot here, like 115 degrees hot. Every day. We go to the pool, spent Father’s Day at Laguna beach, have BBQs and hang out with friends.

I hope summer break has already started on your end of the world and you get to enjoy some relaxing times.

Now please go and see how Susan’s summer is going 🙂

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community garden

There are some pretty hard working people here that got together to build a community garden. I’m sure this is not easy at all, especially in the desert. But it’s starting to take more and more shape, it’s looking greener and it’s starting to pay off. Not only for them, but also for me 🙂 I had the chance to go roam around the gardens a little and photograph the life I found. My way. I guess it’s safe to say, I’m loving fine art more and more. It gives me a sense of peace and relaxation, it’s not as hectic and all over the place like photographing my dudes. I can take my time, slowly find the right frame and it kind of centers me. Weird, right? But you should try it. Find the beauty in the little details and enjoy it. And plant something. That you can do with your kids. But plant something. Then eat it. It’s good for you ♥

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